Oleksandr Petrovsky International Charitable Foundation «Solidarity».
The future depends on us!

The Solidarity International Charitable Foundation was founded in October 2003 under the slogan "The future depends on us!"

Well-known philanthropist and businessman Alexander Petrovsky became the sponsor and president of the foundation. The work of the Solidarity Foundation is based on three whales - volunteer, patronage and charitable activities that are based on legality, humanity, publicity, voluntariness and self-organization.

The focus of the Foundation's work is on the interests of those in need of social protection, who find themselves in difficult circumstances. This is to help the poor, the elderly, children with disabilities, orphans, orphanages and orphanages.

Support for children is one of the most important areas of the Foundation's work, and it is not only providing the necessary, but also organizing the rehabilitation, recreation and development of young citizens. Over the years of fruitful work, the Solidarity Foundation has implemented many projects and activities. You can find out about them both on the pages of the site and from any media (prints, radio, television, internet). You can find out more about the directions, activities and goals of the International Solidarity Foundation at our site.

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Alexander Petrovsky

President of the Foundation

Serbian Svetlana

Vice President of the Foundation

Ivanilova Yana

Vice President of the Foundation

Davidian Vemir

Vice President of the Foundation
Zaporizhzhia Branch


Dnipro, str. Mikhail Hrushevsky, House No. 55a


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O.F. Petrovsky's ICF "Solidarity"
KB Privatbank
OKPO 26438886

President: Alexander Petrovsky
Vice - President: Ivanilova Yana
Vice - President: Serbina Svetlana Nikolaevna
Vice-President: Davymyr Vemir Surenovich

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