Open freestyle wrestling training with Vasyl Mykhaylov

Open freestyle wrestling training with Vasyl Mykhaylov


Open training, with the participation of famous athletes, is a unique opportunity not only to chat and take photos, but also to learn the valuable experience of Ukrainian champions and then apply it in practice. We have someone to look up to and to be proud of. This time, Vasyl Mykhaylov – the European champion in freestyle wrestling, a participant of the Olympic Games in Tokyo and the bronze medalist of the World Wrestling Championship 2023, which took place in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, visited Dnipro at the “Wulf” arena.

In addition to the presence of a considerable number of young athletes who enthusiastically practiced various techniques and throws, coaches and other European champions and prize winners of the European Games discovered many new things for themselves. In order for young sportsmen to be able to progress and reach their goal in such a difficult time, the support provided by the Oleksandr Petrovskyi International Charitable Foundation “Solidarity” is very important and extremely necessary for them. After the open training, Vasyl Mykhaylov took a picture with all those willing, gave out autographs and most importantly – “charged” everyone with an invincible championship spirit and the will to conquer new sports peaks. A pleasant present from the ARENA Wulf sports complex awaited the athlete himself.