A festival of music for children with special needs

A festival of music for children with special needs


The center of inclusive creativity “Art Paraleli” takes care of children with special needs. The main direction is the development of children through creativity. On the weekend, a report concert of the music department of this Center was held. In an atmospheric place, in the Dnipropetrovsk House of Organ and Chamber Music, children showed their singing skills and talents.

Those who are always around helped to arrange this holiday. For many years, the Oleksandr Petrovsky International Charitable Foundation “Solidarity” has been supporting children’s creative ideas and promoting their development.

According to experts, vocals have a positive effect on children with special needs. In addition to psychological rehabilitation, singing improves articulation, memory and concentration, and stage overcomes fear of communication and socialization. In the inclusive center “Art Parallel” this technique is called music therapy.

“Children sing with their soul, they are extremely talented. They chose different songs: touching, driving and patriotic. In addition to singing, they demonstrate their ability to play the piano,” said Lyudmila Zhuravel, head of the NGO “Center for Inclusive Creativity “Art Parallels”.

Special children motivate adults, because with their thirst for life and perseverance, they prove to everyone that nothing is impossible, and the world will be saved by love and kindness.