Helped in three ways at once!!!

Helped in three ways at once!!!


The international charity foundation of Oleksandr Petrovskyi “Solidarity” provided another aid to three institutions at once – a children’s and a medical institution.
First, they provided warm clothes (sweatpants, hats, and warm sweaters) to their wards – the Dnipropetrovsk Children’s Home of the Boarding School for Children with Disabilities, which hosts immigrants from the “Vishchetarasiv Psychoneurological Boarding School” of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council. Now when the real cold begins this kind of help will bring some warmth back to the children and give them hope for a bright future.

The second is food, hygiene products, household goods, clothes and toys for children aged 2 to 15 from the mother and child home that was evacuated from the city of Mariupol to the city of Dnipro – NGO “Independent Mariupol”.

And also – this is help to our heroes. Cookies for wounded defenders – servicemen who are being treated at City Clinical Hospital No. 16 in Dnipro. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!!!