Cars for the front

Cars for the front


Within the framework of the charitable project, the charitable fund “Arena”, from the joint practice with the International Charitable Fund of Oleksandr Petrovsky “Solidarnist” and the sports club “Sikario” 7 zashlyahoviki were transferred to the supporters of the Healthy Forces of Ukraine. Rozpodі avtіvki

poured between pіdrozdilami.

The “Azov” brigade took off two cars for the vikonannya combat commanders, the new creations were brought up by the UAV, the Belarusian volunteer corps and another one went up to the third assault brigade. Everything is at the forefront of value – both technology and the security of our defenders.

Spivpratsiya International charitable fund Oleksandr Petrovsky “Solidarnist”, charitable fund “Arena”, that sports organization “Sikario” gives the opportunity and pressure to give help for future victory.