All-Ukrainian Award “Woman of the Third Millennium”

All-Ukrainian Award “Woman of the Third Millennium”


“Women of the Third Millennium” was awarded in Kyiv.

This is an all-Ukrainian award marking the special contribution of women to the development of society. As always, the “partner” was the international charity fund of Alexander Petrovsky “Solidarity”.

The ceremony took place in a symbolic place, under the monumental sculpture of the Motherland. As the organizers say, the purpose of the event is to affirm and recognize the role of women in modern society. As Yana Ivanylova, vice president of the Alexander Petrovsky Charitable Foundation, says: “These are different women, they are different in terms of professions and characters, but they all have one goal and one desire, so that victory will come sooner rather than later.” Therefore, they are all very worthy of this award.”

There are more servicemen, volunteers and medics on stage than ever before. This year, 29 women were nominated in various nominations.

A feature of this year’s ceremony is that the majority of women associated themselves with the defense of Ukraine:

Aliada Mansurova – deputy of the Dnipro City Council from the “Servant of the People” party;

Yulia Votcher – participant of the Revolution of Dignity, volunteer;

Larisa Baidyuk – volunteer, public figure;

Yulia Nikytenko for the war since 2016. Then she was only 20 years old. He now commands a platoon of the 54th mechanized brigade;

Tatiana Chubak – philanthropist, volunteer;

Yuliana Druzhynyna – volunteer, philanthropist, mother of many children;

Violetta Dvornikova – head and founder of the “European Association of Women of Ukraine” OO;

Anna Rufanova – chief physician of MC “ON Klinyk Dnipro”;

Yulia Belousova – veteran military servicewoman, volunteer;

Svetlana Penkova – director of the public association “Vozrozhdennaya”;

Angela Norboeva – producer, volunteer;

Valentina Dobrota – special correspondent of the “TSN” channel;

Lyudmila Panchenko – head of the education department in the Donetsk region;

Olga Navrotskaya – entrepreneur, volunteer;

Maria Hutsol – scientist, translator;

Lyudmila Monastyrskaya – this woman is a recognized star of the world opera scene, People’s Artist of Ukraine;

Olga Buleyko – judge of the Bolshoi Chamber of the Supreme Court of Ukraine;

Natalya Borzykh – traumatologist-orthopedic doctor;

Alla Delypovych-Surzhikova – volunteer, actress, singer;

Oktyabryna Lysovskaya – journalist;

Natalya Delyeva – public and political figure, volunteer;

Elena Kobrinskaya – military medic;

Svetlana Tkachyk – military medic;

Alina Gordeeva – doctor, scout;

Ekaterina Dudykova – doctor;

Iryna Terekhovych – military serviceman;

Valery Subbotyna is a military serviceman and a journalist.

The “Woman of the 3 Millennium” award was started in 2006, and over 420 famous Ukrainian women have been honored with it over the 14 years of its existence. The difference this year with several new meanings is to show Ukrainian women who were challenged to pass the test of war.

Also, at the current ceremony, funds were “collected” for a house for a large family of the Serbyns from Svyatogorsk. Their house was destroyed by the Russians, after which the family was forced to go to the Dnipro on the last evacuation train. Iryna Serbina was also awarded with the iconic “Women of the 3 Millennium” sign.

“Today it is very difficult to live in Ukraine, and in general, every person who stayed in Ukraine did not leave, he deserves special attention and special attention to our psychological health. Therefore, any measures that can take you out of a state of depression and bring you into balance are extremely important,” summed up Oksana Bylozyr, a participant in the ceremony and winner of the “Women of the 3 Millennium” award (2008).