Ambulance: Pidgorodnyy out-of-school facility got new equipment


The audio-arsenal of the children's art house in Podgorodniy has been supplemented with new musical equipment. About him, assured the staff of the institution, dreamed for more than one year.

In the house of children's creativity, says deputy director Marina Malova, there are now more than 40 free circles open. Out-of-school education is provided here by more than fifty residents of the town.

“Children become winners of local, all-Ukrainian and international creative competitions. They are supported by teachers and parents, but the help from the city authorities is not worth the wait, ”director Maria Kapuka complains.

The woman says money is not even allocated for building toilets. And they don't want to hear about music equipment. With the help of the staff of the house of creativity appealed to the representatives of the International Charitable Foundation O. Petrovsky Solidarity.

“They came to us, listened to us and saw that we have no funding, but there is potential. They said that what we asked for is what we will be given, ”the director says. He added that two months had passed since the dreamy machinery appeared in the facility.

“They brought a personal computer to work at the creative center,” continues the vice-president of the International Charitable Foundation Yana Ivanilov, “also microphones and stands, a mixing console, speakers and more. Everything that children need for concerts and rehearsals. ”

Musical assistance, gathered for the house of the children's art of Podgorodny, was joined by friends and partners of the International Solidarity Foundation O. Petrovsky Vitaly and Irina Abramenko and Sergey Kochetkov.


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