The Holy Patriarch of Kyiv and All Russia - Ukraine Filaret consecrates the newly built Church in Dnipro in honor of the Icon of the Mother of God "Unexpected Joy"

             The Holy Patriarch of Kyiv and All Russia - Ukraine Filaret consecrates the newly built Church in Dnipro in honor of the Icon of the Mother of God "Unexpected Joy"

In Dnieper, the Most Holy Patriarch of Kyiv and All Russia - Ukraine, Filaret, consecrated the newly built Church in honor of the Mother of God Icon of "Unexpected Joy" and officially opened the "Ukrainian Courtyard" - a complex containing the Diocese, Sunday School for Children and the Temple. This church is the only temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate, erected in the city center for the last hundred years. The patriarch held a solemn service, attended by the faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the soldiers of the Armed Forces, people's deputies, volunteers, representatives of the Cossacks. More than a thousand believers came to listen to her. By the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch Filaret, Ukrainian soldiers and mothers whose sons are considered to be missing have come.

Many came to the Dnieper from different cities and villages. Dnipropetrovsk region and other regions of Ukraine. The temple premises could not accommodate all who wished to attend the consecration. Therefore, for convenience on the street, two mobile screens for broadcasting were installed. In his speech, he emphasized that the Ukrainian Church is the unifying force of all Ukrainian society and is a great support of the state in these difficult times. The Patriarch thanked the chairman of the regional council Gleb Prigunov and the patron of the Eparchy of the Dnieper and Alexander Petrovsky and his friends and patriots of the Dnieper River for their contribution to the development of the church, doing everything to make more and more people join the Ukrainian church every day.

"The supreme power for man is an opportunity to give his strength and life for the sake of the Fatherland, relatives and friends," the Patriarch emphasized. - Our defenders at the front give their lives - it is a manifestation of the highest love. The Lord will surely reward them. Truth and good will surely prevail. The Lord will give us joy and peace after sorrow. ”
Two woes of Ukraine - war and corruption, and with God's help, must be overcome - said the Holy Patriarch of Kyiv and all Rus-Ukraine Filaret during his visit to the Dnieper.
Filaret noted that the war in our country would end when we were spiritually revived. "God allows evil in order to bring us better. And good, in the end, wins. Russia has attacked us. But we do not want the Ukrainian or Russian people to suffer. It is a joy for us to have peace on our earth. And the Lord will punish the thieves! ", - concluded His Holiness Filaret, concluding his speech. In addition, the bishops noted that Dnipro and the region played a big role in the fact that the aggressor did not move further in Ukraine.

It should be reminded that the Church was built near the premises of the eparchy of the diocese of the UOC-KP on Sichovy Sagittarius Street, 3rd. It was built at the expense of patron and patriot of Ukraine Alexander Petrovsky for one year. And now it is the only newly built church of the UOC KP in the center of the Dnieper.
Filaret paid special attention to the patriarch of Kyiv and All Russia - Ukraine, and to the children of the Ukrainian Courtyard, who greeted him with respect. The Patriarch visited not only the premises of the Diocese of Dnieper. He also visited the Sunday school and the cultural and educational center separately and blessed the small parishioners and patriots of our state.

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