Dnepr commemorates the victims of World War II.

             Dnepr commemorates the victims of World War II.

May 8 Ukraine and the states of Europe commemorate the victims of World War II. Today, a mournful walk and laying of flowers near the memorial complex in Memory and Reconciliation Park took place in the Dnieper. The event was attended by veterans, relatives of the dead, indifferent citizens, as well as representatives of the regional authorities and clergy of the Dnieper Diocese of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The prayer was led by the Secretary of the Diocese, Archpriest Vitaliy Lopushansky. After the prayer, the attendants laid flowers at the Memorial and Reconciliation Memorial.
This day is celebrated in Ukraine in accordance with the Presidential Decree signed in 2015. The main purpose of this date is to honor the feat of the Ukrainian people, their outstanding contribution to the victory of the anti-Hitler coalition in World War II, and to show respect to all fighters against Nazism.
"War and casualties are the worst way to resolve any conflict. Today we honor the memory of those Ukrainians who gave their lives for their land and for their descendants to have a peaceful sky over their heads. So, now, our main task is to preserve freedom and independence, which our fellow countrymen fought for in World War II, ”said Glib Prigunov, the chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council, who also took part in the event.

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