Bishops' Service at the Feast of the Entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem (VIDEO)

             Bishops' Service at the Feast of the Entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem (VIDEO)

The Orthodox Church commemorated the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem. This is the last Sunday before the Holy Resurrection of Christ. Palm Sunday reminds Christians of the solemn entrance of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, which marked the immediate approach of His Passion and death on the cross. The people who greeted Him threw raincoats and green branches of palm trees on the road, shouting, "Hosanna to the Son of David!"

The holiday is also called the Sunday of the branches, the Flower, or Palm Sunday, because on this day believers consecrate the branches of the willow (which replaces our palm branches). Holding the first spring branch, we glorify the Savior as the victor of Death; for he raised the dead (Lazarus and others), and went into Jerusalem that day to die for our sins and to rise again, and thus to save us from eternal death. The baptism marks the sign of Christ's victory over death and reminds us of the coming resurrection from the dead.

April 21, 2019 The ruling Bishops of our diocese will head the Divine Liturgy for the Central Diocesan Temple in honor of Our Lady of Unexpected Joy icon.

After the prayer at the pulpit, all present went out into the courtyard of the temple to consecrate the willow branches brought.

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