In the Dnieper near the memorial cross honored soldiers of the UNR army.

             In the Dnieper near the memorial cross honored soldiers of the UNR army.

On January 22, 2019, the clergy of the Dnieper Diocese of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, led by the Diocese's Secretary, Archpriest Vitaliy Lopushansky, took part in a traditional event held at the Dnieper Cathedral Square, near the memorial cross. It is here that the memory of UNR fighters who died a hundred years ago in the fighting for the city was honored. The event was held on the occasion of the Day of Ukrainian Unification.
It is on this square, not far from the cross, that 14 soldiers of the Sich Riflemen - Free Cossacks Regiment of the UPR are buried, both the Dnieper and the Galician, who died in the battles against the Bolsheviks and Makhnovists in late 1918. The area is called "the symbolic place of union of East and West."
The memory of the dead was honored by putting flowers in the monument and praying for Ukraine and for the defenders of the state.

Two people's deputies of Ukraine - Andriy Denysenko and Valentin Didich also spoke.

The participants of the meeting also spoke about the necessity to complete decommunization in Ukraine and called for support of renaming of the Dnipropetrovsk region to Sicheslavsk. They also mentioned about Ukrainian fighters of today - participants of fighting in Donbass.

After the festivities, Ukrainian songs were played on the square and the poems were read.

Recall that the memorial stone was installed at this place in 2012, before it was destroyed three times by unknown. In 2017, a stone cross was erected near the burial ground.

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