A meeting with representatives of the active public of the Dnieper was held in the diocese

             A meeting with representatives of the active public of the Dnieper was held in the diocese

On November 23, 2018, the Bishop of the Dnieper and Kryvyi Rih Simeon, the clergy and representatives of the active public of the Dnieper, met in the main conference hall of the Dnipropetrovsk Diocese Administration.

The main theme of the event was the process of giving Thomas the Ukrainian Church and the issues that accompany it. In particular, the Archpastor assured the community that everything is going according to the procedure, and that is why the Ukrainians do not have to take any extra steps that could disrupt the historic event.

"We must all remain calm, be one and sensible, and know that the One Ukrainian Church with God's help will surely appear, " Bishop Simeon said.

In addition, representatives of the Ukrainian clergy noted that the community of the city and the region can be provoked by various methods. Accordingly, activists should not respond to provocations and foment religious animosity.

At the same time, Bishop noted that there are many honest people in the ranks of the churches still subordinated to Moscow, which they are undoubtedly ready to take to the ranks of the Local Church. Work on this is already underway, and we are confident that when the time comes, the priests who are currently serving in the Moscow church will make the right choice.

Despite his busy schedule, he was present at the meeting of patrons of the diocese, an active public figure not only of the Dnieper, but of the whole of Ukraine, the President of ICF "Solidarity" Alexander Petrovsky, who in his introductory words noted that the construction of the Ukrainian Church is not lying to the Church Citizens: “Building a church depends on all of us. Any minimal contribution to the common cause will sooner or later lead to great results. We will leave sooner or later, and our affairs will remain, ”said Alexander Vladimirovich.

At the end of the meeting, the participants assured each other that such regular events in the Dnieper would lead to mutual understanding between the Church and the public.

The event ended with a shared light.

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