The first Bishops Divine Liturgy near the tomb of Ivan Sirko in Sicheslavschyna.

             The first Bishops Divine Liturgy near the tomb of Ivan Sirko in Sicheslavschyna.

On August 4, the Divine Liturgy, led by Bishop of Dniprovsky and Kryvyi Rih Bishop Simeon, in conjunction with the clergy of the Dnieper Eparchy, took place for the first time near the village of Kapulivka, Nikopol district, Dnipropetrovsk region.

Already in the morning, at the entrance to the city of Nikopol, a large delegation of the Diocese, led by Bishop Simeon, was greeted by the benefactor of the Nikopol district, Hieromonk Mercury, together with representatives of the clergy and representatives of the city and district authorities. After the greetings and a brief speech, the delegation, accompanied by an honorable escort of the police, went to a sacred historic place. It is here, near the tomb of Ivan Sirko, that every year patriots of the country and our history gather. It is here that the Days of Glory of the Cossack Ataman of the Zaporizhzhya Nizhny Novgorod Army Ivan Sirko are celebrated.

Usually the burial mound where Ivan Sirko is buried near the village. People from all over Ukraine gather in Kapulivka of the Nikopol district.
On this day, in the chapel in honor of the Protection of the Mother of God, the cathedral Divine Liturgy was performed for the first time in history, led by the Most Holy Bishop Simeon, the head of the Dnieper Diocese, in the service of the 30 priests of the diocese.
The service was decorated by the bishop's choir of the central diocesan temple in honor of the icon of Our Lady of "Unexpected Joy".
During the liturgy prayers were offered for the tranquility of Ivan Sirko and all the Cossacks, as well as for the newest Ukrainian heroes who supported Ukraine's independence.
Bishop Simeon also addressed the clergy and believers with a speech about patriotism and that people always attend the grave of Ivan Sirko, which is a testimony to the fact that Ukrainians have not forgotten his glorious history, worship and pray for the peace of his soul.

At the end of the liturgy Bishop Simeon took part in the solemn activities to honor the cat chieftain. They were celebrated in the presence of a large number of pilgrims. According to the tradition, on the grave and near it gathered to honor the memory of Ivan Sirko and numerous representatives of the Cossacks.
In the Cossack Kolya, which is located on high and picturesque shores, the kid was dedicated to the Cossack juries, and the youth to the Cossacks. Also, the Cossack circle traditionally chose Otaman. Chairman of the Regional Council Gleb Prygunov addressed the audience with a welcome address.
They remembered the dead and killed in the east of the country, and then went patriotic walking from the circle to the tomb of Ivan Sirko.

At the end of the day there was a large-scale reconstruction of the battle of those years.

We will remind that Ivan Dmitrievich Sirko was born between 1605 and 1610 years. He died at the age of 70 - at the age of 27. Known for having fought over 60 battles and never been defeated. Twelve times the Cossack society elected him an ataman. No Ukrainian hetman and chieftain won as many victories over the Crimean Tatar and Turkish hordes as he did.
There were many legends about him. The Turks fearfully called him "Urus-shaitan" (Russian devil). Cossack chieftain Ivan Sirko was a true Independent: he opposed Hetman P. Teteri, I. Vygovsky, Yuras Khmelnitsky because he believed that they were "for Poland" and not for Ukraine. And after the Polish-Moscow War of 1654-67. took an irreconcilable anti-Moscow stance.

On behalf of the Blessed Bishop Simeon, the clergy and believers of the Nikopol, Pokrovsky and Manganese deities express their sincere gratitude to all those who have joined the organization of the spiritual part and to all those who have joined the holy cause in the building of our holy Church.
We are convinced that for every Orthodox Ukrainian this holy place should be a symbol of the revival of our spirituality and Motherland.

Press Center of the Dnipro Eparchy of the UOC-KP.

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