A film about the activity of the Dnipro chaplain in the East of the country was presented in Dnipro.

             A film about the activity of the Dnipro chaplain in the East of the country was presented in Dnipro.

On June 11, in Dnipro, in the premises of the Dniprovsky House of Arts, a documentary "Front Church" was screened, which is dedicated to the realities of the activity of the Dnipro priest at the beginning of the war in the east of Ukraine. The author and director of the film, Egons Upitis, came from England to capture important events for Ukrainian society. The protagonist of the movie "Front Church" is a priest of the Dniprovsky Eparchy of the UOC-KP and a military chaplain Dmitry Povorotny.

"The film was shot during the summer-fall of 2014. The story highlights my activity in the Dnieper, the front, in different units and different locations of the Donbass. This is a kind of stream, accompanied by my monologues. The value of the film is that it shows the atmosphere of 2014 and dynamism with which the first months of the war took place. The tape conveys the spirit of the fighters during the liberation of a number of Donbass cities - Marianka, Chervonohoryivka, and Red Partisan, "- said Dmytro Rotary.

According to the chaplain, the tape fully conveys the priest's activity at the forefront in those times when there was no systematic work, when there were no full-time permanent chaplains in the military units.

In addition, the tape truthfully, without decoration, shows the lives of fighters, sometimes with humor or vice versa.

The director of the movie Egons Upitis is originally from Latvia, but studied cinema in England. He first began documenting events in Ukraine since the beginning of the Maidan in Kiev.

"Watching the 2014 Revolution in Ukraine, I mentioned the events in Latvia, which still managed to break free from the Soviet Union. At the time, I was a child, so the events in Kyiv, Dnipro and the front line inspired me. My goal was to film highlights of that period. , I didn't think about what audience the shots were aimed for, "the director said.

Egons Upitis noted that the first premiere of the film took place in Canada, then the film was broadcast on Lithuanian television. In Dnipro, the premiere show took place on the basis of the Dnipro - 1 regiment.

Author: Lyudmila STUPAK «Dniprograd»

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