Children from Krasnogorivka on a visit to the Ukrainian Courtyard of the Dnieper.

             Children from Krasnogorivka on a visit to the Ukrainian Courtyard of the Dnieper.

At the beginning of June, with the blessing of Bishop of Dnipro and Kryvyi Rih, the Most Holy Bishop Simeon (Zinkevich), in the framework of the project "Dreamers", the Ukrainian court and Sunday school of the Dnieper Eparchy of the UOC KP welcomed teenagers from Krasnoyarsk to Dnipro. The youth met to talk about their dreams, to tell about the realities in which they live, to make plans for the future.

Initially, everyone came to the central diocesan temple in honor of the icon of the Mother of God "Unexpected Joy". They inspected the new building for themselves, talked with representatives of the Diocese and put candles.

Sunday school director Natalia Gaiman and representatives of the International Solidarity Foundation Alexander Petrovsky told about the history of the temple construction and the development of the Diocese.

In the future the Sunday Schools of the Dniprovsk Eparchy of the UOC-KP communicated in the premises of the cultural and educational center.
Young people were presenting films about their life in cities on this day. The people of Krasnogoriv showed their bombed-out school, kindergarten and the conditions in which they live. After watching the films, the children built a model of Ukraine, which should be the country in which they want to live. In the end, everyone was treated to sweets and fruits!

But they parted, hoping for further communication and friendship. Oleksandr Petrovsky's International Solidarity Foundation believes that such projects unite the youth of Ukraine, build friendships between such different but at the same regions of our country and send a message to the world that we are the only country!

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