Another assistance in the ATO area

             Another assistance in the ATO area

On April 28, with the blessing of the Bishop of the Dnipropetrovsk Diocese of Blessed Bishop Simeon, a volunteer group of the Hope Center in the abbot of the Temple of the Icon of the Mother of God of Pechersk village. Cheerful Sinelnikov district priest Yuriy Pomazan and volunteers Sergiy and Svitlana Akimenko visited the town of Popasna, the village of Novozanovka in the Luhansk region.

Initially, they visited our volunteer in Popasnaya, Irina Kramarenko, and handed over food, clothing, hygiene products collected by parishioners of the Church of Our Lady of the Pechersk Icon to the locals. But most importantly, it is a stove for the Trinity School, which is now badly needed at the institution. We appealed to the People's Deputy of Ukraine and our philanthropist Sergey Rybalka, and he contributed to the purchase of kitchen equipment, which will work in school next week.

The Cimic Popasna Civil War Soldiers also visited. The Nadiya Center constantly cooperates with this unit, which on a volunteer basis constantly assists the troops stationed in the Popasnian district, as well as the civilians in need. They have already become good friends for us, they have handed over exhibits to the school museums of Sinelnykivschyna.

They also came to our fighters for the lead, there was a rotation, and here are new acquaintances. Talked to the fighters, learned about their problems. They handed over hygienic remedies to the unit's doctors and snack products to the soldiers from SNEK-Export.
Returning home, they went to the Paraskiyev boarding school, left their clothes for the children, detergents and products and in memory received a doll-motanka made by the hands of little ones.

We express our sincere gratitude to the Member of Parliament of Ukraine Sergiy Rybalka, SNK-Export Company, to all indifferent Sinelists for their support. Special thanks to the Akimenkov family for their assistance and personal involvement.

May the Lord instill hope in our hearts, fill them with faith and sincere desire for sacrifice and mercy for our neighbor! God is with us!

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