Honey Savior or Macovei is the very first Savior

             Honey Savior or Macovei is the very first Savior

Every year in August, Orthodox people celebrate the three great holidays of the Savior. The very word "Savior" is associated with Jesus Christ, who is called the Savior. It is to him that the Orthodox Church dedicates these holidays. Jesus gave each of us the opportunity to sweeten our souls from the evil forces to take care of it before the fall of life. And now, during the Saviors, we think of Him, trying to think for a moment: how do we live? Each Feast of the Savior on the church calendar has a different, so to speak, official name.

August 14 - Honey or Maccabees, the very first Savior, in the church calendars bears the name of the Origin of the Honest Trees of the Living Cross of the Lord. According to legend, in Orthodoxy, this holiday came after the inhabitants of Constantinople on this day from the temple of St. Sophia, in the midst of a terrible epidemic, removed a fragment of the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified and sanctified water bodies and wells. And a miracle happened - a disease that has claimed thousands of lives left the city. August 14 begins Assumption fast in honor of the Assumption of the Mother of God,
August 19 - Apple Salvation, called the Transfiguration of the Lord by Church canons. To this day, this holiday is intended to remind people of the need for spiritual transformation. The main tradition of the Apple Savior is the feasting of all relatives and relatives, as well as orphans, sick and needy apples of fresh harvest in memory of their dead ancestors.
August 29 - The Last Salvation of the Nut, the third Salvation, which is called non-man-made, is commemorated by the Orthodox Church in memory of the non-man-made image of the Lord Jesus Christ being transferred to Constantinople. In the people the third Savior was called Spas on the canvas, canvas, and bread. The strict Dormition fast ends on this day, there is a place for meat and fish dishes at the festive table. The housewives on this day bake pies from the new flour, add fresh nuts and honey to the dishes.

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