How to behave in church?

             How to behave in church?

What in the church can and should be done?
It is necessary to enter the church quietly, quietly, with reverence. On the threshold it is necessary to be baptized and to read a special prayer. But you can read "Our Father." If you do not know this prayer, you can just cross and say, "Lord, have mercy."
Dress in the church should be modest and decent. Calm, dark tones are preferred, screaming is unacceptable. The dress or skirt should be long enough - up to the knees and even lower. It is not good to apply to an icon or cross with painted lips.
Men, when entering the church, bare their heads. Women, on the contrary, cover it with a headscarf or other headdress.
Entering the temple, without fuss, find yourself a place and create three bows.
If there is service, men are on the right side, women are on the left.
If there is no service, you can go to the icon in the center of the temple, double-cross and apply your lips to the bottom of the icon. After that you have to cross for the third time.
Only the clergyman and the male person he blesses can enter the altar.
It is necessary to put candles on the health of relatives and relatives before the icons of saints. In order to put candles to the death of the souls of the dead, there is a funeral canon in the temple. There is a small crucifix on it.

It is necessary to be baptized and bowed when they fall:
- cross;
- the Holy Gospel;
- way;
- the holy cup.

Only bow your head, not baptized, need when:
- candlelight;
- bless with hand;
- they smoke.

You can put a candle with any hand. But only the right one needs to be baptized.

Blessings are received from the priest or the bishop (but not from the deacon). To do this, approach the shepherd, fold his palms crosswise (right from above), and after the blessing, kiss the blessing's right hand (right hand).
If you want to ask anything, contact a priest.

What cannot be done in the church?

Talk loudly.

Keep your hands in your pockets.

Chewing gum.

Move from one side of the church to the other in front of reading readers or priests.

Shaking hands with a friend.

Make membership dues and conduct other monetary matters (except for the purchase of candles) during worship.

What and where is located

Altar. The icons of the most revered Orthodox saints and apostles are located here. For example, Sergius of Radonezh, Seraphim of Sarov, Andrew the First-Called, the Apostles Peter and Paul. The icons of the saints whose name the temple bears, as well as the Holy Trinity, are definitely present.
The stand is a high stand on which icons and church books are laid (Gospel at the evening service). The icon on the lounge changes depending on the holiday. Now, for example, it is an icon of Jesus Christ.

Where to put candles?

In health. Candles for health put in special candlesticks, which may be several in the temple. The candlesticks are placed in front of the icons of saints - Nicholas the Wonder (Nicholas the Wonderworker), Saints Cyril and Methodius, Xenia of St. Petersburg, Mary of Egypt and others. It is necessary to put candles depending on the needs of the saint who is praying before the icon.

For peace of mind (right). There is only one funeral canon in the temple. You can find it in a square shape and a small crucifix mounted on it. However, candles for rest on Easter Sunday are not put.

How to Confess?

Recall all the sins that you have done freely or involuntarily. Especially those that are not yet professed.

Confess your sins openly, because God already knows them and is only waiting for your confession. Do not be ashamed to speak of the sins of the priest. Tell him about your sins, how you would be told about a physical illness by a doctor in a hospital, and get a mental healing.

Confess in each sin separately and in detail.

Don't complain to anyone during confession. Condemning others is also a sin.

It is not good to talk about your sins coolly. In this way you do not purify yourself from sins, but increase them.

Do not confess if you do not believe in Christ and do not rely on his mercy.

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