Good deal on a good day

             Good deal on a good day

October 21, 2017 - Just a month after the temple complex of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Dnipro celebrated its first anniversary, a good event has taken place here that can grow into a good tradition.

Five years ago, the diocese's patron, patriot of the Dnieper, the president of Solidarity ICF Alexander Petrovsky did everything to make it here
a new temple has emerged, which has become another focus of Ukrainian spirituality and culture. Alexander Vladimirovich built his own jewel of the Dnieper in honor of all mothers. In this way, the original roots of the Ukrainian Church in the city of Dnipro were founded, which should strengthen our faith, our self-sufficiency and ethnicity as a nation.
From here every day is life and worldly
and spiritual, and the temple became a landmark for the Dnieper, says the rector of the temple of the Archpriest Vitaliy Lopushansky.
On this day, on October 21, trees were planted on the territory of the temple complex, which will become a symbol of the growth of the Ukrainian church and spiritual culture and will be the first to create a small temple garden.

Among the guests were: in addition to the patron of the diocese, the president of the ICF "Solidarity" Alexander Petrovsky with his wife, children and friends, as well as his mother - director and artistic director of the Dnipropetrovsk Academic Drama Theater. Taras Shevchenko - Oksana Ivanovna Petrovskaya and other parishioners and Dniprovtsi.

After all, this temple complex is open to all. Here you can relax, visit the temple, put a candle, which by the way is absolutely free for everyone in the temple. For children is a wonderful little town. And for parishioners a great place and fresh air.

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