2019 Under 21 World Water Ski Championships: The Ukrainian Sensation

             2019 Under 21 World Water Ski Championships: The Ukrainian Sensation

Daniel Filchenko of Ukraine (m. Dnipro Club "Sentosa") again became a world champion 21 years, to his credit in the figure skating gold and 2 silver - in ski jumping and around. Alex Samoilov won bronze medals in figure skating and all-around. Team Ukraine for the first time in its history, won the bronze medal in the World Cup team event, beating the "trend setters" in th water skiing and riding - Team USA. The championship was held July 4-7 in Canada with the participation of more than 80 young masters from 21 countries.

The team of Ukraine consisted of: twice world champion under 21 (2017), vice-champion Masters in figure skating, repeated champion of Europe among boys, juniors and youth Danilo Filchenko; twice world champion to 17 years, repeated European champion among youth and juniors Alexander Samoilov; winner of the World Cup under 17, champion and prizewinner of Junior and Junior European Championships Stanislav Prosvetov; the youngest member of the team is Damir Filaretov, leader of the European rating up to 14 years.

Unfortunately, due to injuries and surgery failed to address the team one of its leaders, the vice-world champion to 17 years record holder and double Europe ski jumping (14 and 17) Maksymenkova Sofia. "I'm going to cheer for you guys from home," she told teammates. - A few sleepless nights to watch the live broadcast. I know you are the best. Forward, Ukraine !!! ”.

Four days in Canada were filled with vivid experiences, intense sports (and not only) and new high achievements. For each of the Ukrainian athletes. All four participated in the finals of the World Championship - a 100% goal, which confirms the high level of training of athletes and coaching work. This is a school that has been established in the Dnieper in our eyes, literally in the last decade. Oleksiy Martynov, President of the Water Skiing and Wakeboard Federation of Ukraine, has succeeded in reviving Ukrainian water skiing on a new world ! - Levels are something to be proud of: Ukrainian water skiers know how to ride, know how to fight, know how to win.

The first circle: the schedule of forces .

Danilo Filchenko in the first round of figure skating fell to the second half-day and the station and reached the final only the fourth - 8270 (at 11510 points , the Mexican Patricio Fonta - a new world record for juniors). There was no slalom - 4,50 / 58 / 12.00, on the track, without half a buoy, below Ukraine's own and national record, which set in the USA this spring. These failures on the first day, however, did not knock the leader of the Ukrainian team out of the saddle: in the morning of the second day, with the best jump of 63.7m, he won the first lap.

Alex Samoilov passed the first round shapes very worthy - not only 10 points dobrav personal record set a month ago at the Memorial Nicholas Genova Navapolatsk: 10110 (third result after Patricio Fonte and Joel and Poland). Athletes are well aware of how difficult it is to show even their result at the highest level of tournaments, to exceed it - beyond the limit. What Alex did in the other two types, other than fantastic, you will not name. In the slalom, he first appeared on the halyard 11.25 m and overcame 3 buoy - near highway (no buoy) in the black to the former personal achievement and just one point to the Ukraine national record! There is literally one step left for a 17- year-old athlete to reach the finals, and this is in a slalom where competition is as high as in any of the species! The jumps from the springboard shocked the fans even more: Alex flies by 61.3m, adding 5.3m to his personal best! Bypasses the strongest jumpers, including those who are already jumping from the 180 cm springboard (Ukrainians are still 165), - the second result, after Danil Filchenko. "Sensation!" - do not tire of repeating commentators.

In figure skating, Stanislav Prosvetova misses only two world record players - Anna Gay from the USA and Neil Ross from Canada, as well as the junior world champion and the 2019 Junior Masters champion in figure Kennedy Hensen (USA). 6090 is the fourth result in women. The slalom unfortunately stops at 12 meters (2.5 buoys at a personal best of 1.00 / 55 / 11.25) - far from the finals, of course. But on the springboard she sets a personal record - 42 m, and this is her second final!

The debutant and youngest participant in the World Cup in Canada (not just the team) Damir F and Laretov surpasses many far more experienced and older contenders and also reaches the finals of figures - 7010, close to personal best, the top ten! T he race adds a personal record in the slalom, with that first experienced "adult" boat speed of 58 km / hour a year ago, gaining a better passage 3 points on 13-meter rope and.

T he eper 3. 12 ! In the springboard jumps Damir for the first time went beyond the 40-meter mark - 40.1 m. In Canada, he flies 43.5 m! Significant achievements, though beyond the finals.

Final starts: joys and anxieties

Initially, figure skating and springboard finals were spaced on two different days. I do not know what prompted the organizers to make Saturday hellish day for athletes, but the first round springboard for men and finals in both men and women they chose to spend 6 July.

However, in her first finals - figure skating Stanislav Prosvetov she manages to increase her score to 6350 points and retain 4th place. Ahead is still Anna Gay - 10530, Neil Ross - 10350 and Kennedy Hensen - 8570. And on the jump she again sets a personal record of 43.5 meters, stepping up the stairs, from 9th to 8th place. This brings her top-six in all-around, and most importantly - very expensive in the team event at chky. It was after this performance that Ukraine came in third place in the team standings, ahead of the Americans. But the main fights are still ahead.

In the men's finals of the figures, the first of the Ukrainians starts Damir Filaretov. Very worried, of course, he falls on a somersault (and he is not alone, including first-round favorite, world record holder among Pato Fontaine juniors) - 6360. But this is the top 9 among the strongest young masters under 14! And 16th in all-around. Not very bad.

Danilo Filchenko in the figures simply stuns the power of his final performance - a very complex program, a very fast pace of execution and almost perfect technique. "Whoa!" - only two voices can comment, which did not even have time to name the figures in the program of the Ukrainian champion. 11520 ! And it is not only a gold medal of the World Championship, not only personal and national Ukrainian, but also a world record in men under 21! The current is 11,470 and is owned by Frenchman Alex Sweat t o (established in 2011).

Alex Samoilov comes to the start and cancels his program at a great pace, clearly improving his previous result. However, the judges' assessment is staggering: 9630. In the words of one of the heroes of the famous TV series about Sherlock Holmes: "But damn it, how ?!".

The Ukrainian team is protesting, the judges claim that two twlbb figures were allegedly made " out of time" and rejecting the protest. Loss of 960 (almost thousands!) Points. And while this does not change dramatically (in any case, Alex's bronze, since the silver finish of Joel Poland from the UK, on ​​the contrary, raised from 10,550 to 11030 points), very important points in all-around and team standings have been lost, lost and personal best (10590).

Ukrainian athletes came to the final of the springboard not in a rainbow mood, not only exhausted physically, but also in a great psychological strain, which of course could not have played a role.

Danilo Filchenko flies by 61.9 m in the best jump (recall that his personal record, which exceeds the official world record for 21 years, is 69.3 m) - silver. As if exchanging places with Joel Poland Om , who becomes the champion, jumping from a maximum spring height of 180 cm - 65.7 m.

Alex Samoilov struggling through and beyond the 59-meter mark - 59.1 m at best jump (3.1 m plus better results than last year), but it is 2.2 meters below its morning record. Top 7 in the form. And it becomes clear the distribution of forces in all-around: Joel Poland - gold, Danilo Filchenko - silver, Alexander Samoilov - bronze.

Two bronze medals of world dignity in personal competition are, of course, wonderful - many water-skiers dream of one. But let's not forget: injustice hurts the soul very painfully, at a young age it hurts. Not to mention the experience for the team: after the slalom where Joel Poland wins, dramatically improving the result - 1.00 / 58 / 10.25, the US team again outstrips the Ukrainians, and they can not help but understand - this is the price of unassigned points in the finals of the figures.

Alex uploads a video of his performance, which confirms the timing: all figures are made in the allotted time for the competition. Skiers from different countries are outraged. Ron Goodman : “ This is bad . How many points were you robbed? And yes ROBBED! " (" That's bad. How many points have you been robbed? And so, they have been robbed! "). Alex King: "Both seem in time to me" ... ("Both are half-distance in time, I think ...). Sasha Gibinski: “Alex, you are very cool! Off and gene half-distance. Compassion. " And so s 25 census on different pages and resources.

Public support is, of course, important but, but I think it is unlikely to be influenced judges. President of the Ukrainian Water Ski Federation Alexei Georgievich her Martynov had to reach the level of the President of the International Federation water ski and wakeboard and Technical Committee IWWF, that judicial decision was finally changed. 10,590 points (a new personal best !) Recognized as a true mark of the final appearance by Alexander Samoilov, bronze medalist at the 21st World Figure Skating Championships.

And the team of Ukraine for the first time in its history wins bronze medals in the overall standings, beating - by only 8 points! - Team USA! This is extremely true: all four Ukrainian athletes fought very well and all of them are now returning home with medals!

Congratulations to the team, its first senior coach Maxim Semavin and current senior coach Yuri Eremeyev, the famous Natalia Berdnikov, who acted as a mentor to Danil Filchenko, and in the USA, the Water Federation of Ukraine and its president Alexei Martynov fans who supported these wonderful Ukrainian masters these days! Another historical milestone is taken - Ukraine, forward!

Admiring athletes, I can not but express once again admiration for the firm stance of the President of the Water Federation of Ukraine Alexei Martinov, who was able to take the controversial issue to the highest level and protect not only the interests of the team, but also justice. The fair result can be argued, and what the athletes saw is probably no less important than the team bronze medals.

Author: Vera Fedorova

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