The success of our athletes at the 2018 European Championships in karate kioshushin.

             The success of our athletes at the 2018 European Championships in karate kioshushin.

On November 17-18, in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova), the 17th absolute men's and women's kioskushin karate championship was held in kumite and kata, as well as a European cup for children and juniors. The championship was held on the basis of the sports complex "Futsal Arena FMF". The strongest athletes from 27 countries took part in it.
The team of Ukraine included 17 athletes from the Dnipropetrovsk region (Dnieper, Sinelnikovo, Kamenskoe, Krivoy Rog). Our team went to a competition led by the Vice-President of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Federation Garik Albertovich Melikyan. Despite the fact that many of our guys participated for the first time in such a championship with rivals - champions and winners of European competitions, the result exceeded all expectations. The Dnepropetrovsk region has won 15 medals for the European Championship for the country - this is a great achievement of our athletes and coaches.

For the first time Ukraine was registered in the section "command kata" all athletes representatives of the city of Dnipro (Zaur Mammadov, Elnur Mammadov, Vitaliy Korotkevich), the team successfully debuted and took the honorary 3rd place.
It is worth noting the fact that this is a record number of medals from one European Championship for the whole existence of karate kioshushin in the Dnepropetrovsk region.

A huge thanks to the coaches, without whom there would be no such result:
Alexander Soldatov, Zaur Mammadov, Elnur Mammadov, Natalia Aratskaya, Alexei Udovitsky.
Championship results:
Anastasia Fedorchuk - Two first places (kumite and kata)
Albert Melikian, Bogdan Nadtochy, Maria Golik, Elizabeth Miseurenko, Danil Sukhoruk.
Zaur Mammadov, Elnur Mammadov, Dmitry Onoprienko,
Vitaliy Korotkevich (in 2 categories), Vlad Mishchenko, Veronica Pochapskaya, Alina Penzyakova.

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