In Dnipro celebrated and supported the best athletes of IC "Judo-80"

             In Dnipro celebrated and supported the best athletes of IC "Judo-80"

The best athletes - judo players of one of the leading clubs of Dnepropetrovsk region and Ukraine were noted at the next training session of the Dnipro IC "Judo-80". This event took place in the framework of a meeting between the Honorary President of Judo IC 80 and President of the International Charitable Foundation "Solidarity" Alexander Petrovsky, with representatives of the coaching staff and judoists who have attended or attended professional training and competitions. Alexander Petrovsky thanked the athletes for their fruitful work and success in competitions and noted that successes at All-Ukrainian and International start-ups influence the development of sport in Dnipro in a positive aspect and raise the image level of our hometown of Dnipro as a whole. The Honorary President of Judo-80 IC also noted that the success of our masters is being looked at by a future generation, very young athletes, who need to set a good example. Of course, the great merit of the coaching staff of the club, headed by Honored coach of Ukraine Anatoly Pirog and club president Lev Lutsenko.
Oleksandr Petrovsky awarded and financially supported those athletes who successfully competed in official competitions.

Ukrainian Cadets Championship under the age of 17 in Uzhgorod. Margarita Belkova - 1st place, Yaryna Fedorchenko - 1st place, Yevgeny Shevchenko - 2nd place, Ilya Klimenko - 2nd place, Ihor Basanets - 2nd place.

Championship of Ukraine among adults in Sumy. Elena Poverty - 1st place, Alexandra Palahicheva - 2nd place, Rufat Magomedov - 3rd place.

Youth World Sambo Championship. Kateryna Sableva - 2nd place, Maria Merkulova - 2nd place, Elizabeth Gorb - 2nd place.

In particular, Alexander Petrovsky noted the success at the III Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the leader of the club Oleg Verediba, who won 3rd place and won the bronze award first among the representatives of the Ukrainian national team.

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