A new tradition of the Dnipro sports club "Judo-80" and a special gift of the honorable president. (Video)

             A new tradition of the Dnipro sports club "Judo-80" and a special gift of the honorable president. (Video)

Leading sports club of Dnipro and Ukraine - Judo-80 IC has a new club tradition. It was started by the honorary president of the club, the president of the International Charitable Foundation "Solidarity" Alexander Petrovsky. It was he who initiated the club day, dedicated to the beginning of a new academic and sports-training year. Oleksandr Vladimirovich organized a holiday for children and adults at his own expense. They gathered together at the Dnieper water park “HAPPY DAY”. In addition to the entertaining program for children and adults, they prepared a generous table, sweets and ice cream. But for younger and more experienced athletes, the focus was on management and friendly communication. They and the coaching staff are convinced that such activities bring the team together even more and allow them to move more confidently.

Over the course of several hours, nearly 120 athletes and coaches had fun on the hills, swimming in pools, playing fun and moving games.

The delegation of the Dnipropetrovsk Eparchy of the UOC-KP, headed by Bishop Dniprovsky and Kryvyi Rih Simeon, was invited to the festive event. Bishop Simeon blessed the good work and the club, and wished new sports achievements to young talents.

Not without gifts. The best sportsmen of the club are the Honorary President of IC "Judo-80" - Alexander Petrovsky, who presented cash bonuses, which also, as well as attention, stimulate athletes to new achievements.
And the club is something to be proud of. There have been many successes and victories over the last academic year of sports training. But the most important of them is getting to Oleh Verebyba's Youth Olympic Games.

In general, during the 2017-18 academic year, the Judo-80 sports club has the following successes:
Nikita Matlashevsky- silver medalist at the European Junior Judo Championships (Slovenia) Oleg Verediba- bronze medalist at the European Judo Cadets Championships (Bosnia and Herzegovina), four times silver medalist at the European Judo Cups by Cadet, Trirazzo Cadets, Trirazzo Cadets , Has received a license for the III Youth Olympic Games, as well as Maria Merkulova, Kateryna Sableva and Elizabeth Gorb - European Champion in Sambo 2018 (Czech Republic).

President of SC Judo-80 Lev Lutsenko.

The club now trains about 200 young athletes under the tutelage of experienced coaches under the direction of Honored Coach of Ukraine Anatoliy Ivanovich Pie. He is assisted by: Honored Coach of Ukraine - Anatoly Droga, as well as masters of sports of international class and masters of sports - Volodymyr Starov, Mykola Katrychenko, Pavel Kovziashvili, Yuriy Pirog, Vladimir Rogalsky, Andriy Kirichenko, Roman Litvinchuk, Mykola Prochanfiev, Mykola Prochanfiev.

The coaches and athletes expressed their gratitude to the Honorary President of the Club Alexander Petrovsky for such a gift, which came to the attention and organization of a wonderful club day. From now on, every year, before the start of the sports-training season, the sports club from the Dnieper "Judo-80" will celebrate its club day.

And this is very important, especially for young athletes who see attention, confidence, example and respect for people, for friends, for the Dnieper.

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