Dnepryan Oleg Veredyba-bronze medalist of the U18 European Championship!

             Dnepryan Oleg Veredyba-bronze medalist of the U18 European Championship!

Dneprian Oleg Verediba-bronze medalist at the U18 European Championship in Sarajevo!

This is the main official international start of the season for young athletes. 457 athletes from 42 countries of our continent took part in the U18 European Judo Championship. In the national team of Ukraine the only award was won by Dnieper Oleg Verediba. He became a bronze medalist in the weight category -55 kg.
On the way to the podium Oleg spent 5 duels. At first, he outright won against Italian Giuseppe de Tulio, but in the second round he gave way to the "vase-ari" of Austrian Daniel Letgebue and continued on to the prize in a consolation tournament. There, our judoist left no chance to his rivals, winning ahead of time in the Turk Berat Bahadir, Romanian Andrei Mog and Israeli Matan Shani, and climbed to the third stage of the podium.

The bronze medal of the European Cadets Championship was the logical end of the busy day of the year for 17-year-old Oleg Verdeby. After all, in 2018, this judoka became the record holder of the national team of Ukraine for the medals won at international starts. There are now 8 awards in the assets of Verdebi: 5 from the European Cup, 2 from the African Cup and one from the European Championship. We congratulate Oleg and his coaches Yuri Piroga and Mykola Katrichenko with this success!
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