The Olympics can be supplemented by two sports at a time

             The Olympics can be supplemented by two sports at a time

The International Olympic Committee is considering two applications for the recognition of Olympic sports as fishing and pole vaulting. The respective federations have already boasted that they intend to seek recognition by the Committee of the aforementioned sports as Olympic, and have indicated that this process may take up to several years.

It is worth noting that the International Federation of Sport Fisheries also emphasized the Committee's attention to the fact that fishing is a very ancient activity, the unofficial competition of which took place in the 1900 Olympic Games in the French capital, Paris. The Federation believes that the addition of Olympic sports to fisheries will help make the Olympics more versatile and exciting. Interestingly, all the fish caught by the participants during the competition will be returned to the reservoir.
It is important to add that, despite its long history, in sport fishing, critics see the Olympic Games as inappropriate because of the incomprehension of the majority of the audience and the tedious process of fishing. In addition, the results in this sport are highly dependent on luck.
The International Federation of Pilon Sports and Sport Fisheries are hoping to be included in the 2020 Olympics program. It will be held in Tokyo.

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