UPL told about the financial problems of the teams

             UPL told about the financial problems of the teams

President of the Ukrainian Football Premier League Volodymyr Geninson spoke about one of the most painful topics of the national championship in recent years - the problems of finance. This year, Ukraine has already raised the issue of teams' debt to players and employees, which ultimately led to the loss of points in Dnipro.

Heninson spoke about the affairs of the teams that have received the most attention now, and shared his vision of the prospects.

According to the UPL president, the two teams that have recently had serious payroll problems have improved their situation so much that the media's undue attention to them is unfounded. We are talking about Lutsk "Volyn" and Poltava "Vorskla".

Volyn remains without the right to transfers until the summer off-season, but there are no debts to the Premier League for the team, and the necessary payments are made on time. According to Heninson, the UPL leadership is proud of the decision to allow Volhynia to participate in the championship, and though not all the problems of the club have been solved yet, it is because of these difficulties that new names of promising domestic players have emerged in Ukrainian football.

As for "Vorskla", here Vladimir Geninson confirmed that the team has some arrears of wages, but rumors that the money has not been paid for nine months, denied. According to the president of the League, all the documents proving the receipt of the necessary payments, the Poltava team is normal.

Only the Dnieper position remains unclear. Currently, the team is steadily paying money to its players, but has not yet paid off with former club members - Nikola Kalinic, Juanda Ramos and Myron Markevich.

As long as the history of the Dnipro is going on, Heninson does not know yet, so he cannot say whether there will be any new measures against the team. The only thing the UPL president has shared is that the Dniproans have applied to participate in the next Premier League season, so one can expect that the management has still managed to find a way out of the difficult situation.

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