The memory tournament of Andrei Gusin took place

             The memory tournament of Andrei Gusin took place

At the training base of Dynamo in Koncha Zaspa a tournament was held in memory of the famous midfielder Andriy Gusin, who defended the colors of Dynamo capital and the national team of Ukraine. Four teams took part in the competition: veterans of Dynamo Kyiv, veterans of Carpathian Lviv, veterans of the national team of Ukraine and a team of journalists.

The football teams were chosen not by chance: Andrei Gusin started his sports career from Lviv, where he later became part of the Carpathians, from which a transfer to Dynamo took place. For the Ukrainian national team, Gusin played seventy-one matches and scored nine goals.

In the semifinals the team of journalists was defeated by veterans of Dynamo 4: 0, and the national team of Ukraine won a strong-willed victory over Carpathians 2: 1. In the final match for the main time the winner could not be identified - ninety minutes ended with the score 2: 2 on the scoreboard, so the fate of the trophy was decided in the penalty shootout, where Ukraine won.

The best scorer of the tournament was Andrei Gusin's son - Andriy Gusin: in his account four goals scored.

It should be reminded that Andrei Gusin started to play in the Premier League since 1992, and in 1993 he made his national team debut. Seven times Gusin became the Champion of Ukraine, won the Cup four times and was a semifinalist of the Champions League in the 1998/99 season.

Gusin died in 2014 at the age of 41. The famous football player crashed on the Chaika metropolitan track during the course of the race and, without regaining consciousness, died.

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