Best yet again: Ronaldo received the Golden Ball

             Best yet again: Ronaldo received the Golden Ball

Portugal and Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo has still received the most prestigious award of world football, which is celebrated as the best player of the year - the Golden Ball. This award was the fourth of its kind for the Portuguese striker, and eighth, along with four Golden Boots.

The main competitor for Ronaldo, as in the last few years, became the Argentine Lionel Messi, who defends the colors of Catalan Barcelona, but this year Messi was second. It is interesting that the last six years the fight for the Golden Ball has been going on between these two players, and from the list of three applicants since 2010, only two players were not part of the Spanish teams - Frank Ribery in 2013 and Manuel Noer in 2014, both of whom stand for Bayern Munich.

It is for this reason that a large number of fans points out that the Golden Ball award has long lost any curiosity. However, intentionally it was done or not, this year some intrigue has returned. The fact that shortly before the award ceremony, the organizers called on Ronaldo to take pictures for the covers of the edition where he was to pose with the trophy - the football community reacted calmly: for club achievements, performances at Euro 2016 and personal figures for most it was clear, that the Portuguese would be the first. However, the day before the ceremony, the management of "Real" reported that Ronaldo will not be present at the award, which is why fans greatly perked up, wondering who then would receive the honorary award. However, when Cristiano was spotted in the audience, all questions were eliminated.

The winner was greeted by teammates, prominent football figures and the main competitor - Lionel Messi, who noted that this year Ronaldo showed the best football, so his victory is well deserved.

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