The city celebrates: «Nikolaev» made it to the semifinals of the Cup of Ukraine

             The city celebrates: «Nikolaev» made it to the semifinals of the Cup of Ukraine

During the years of Independence and the existence of an independent Cup of Ukraine on football, participation in the final stages of the tournament of teams from the First and Second leagues is no longer a sensation, however, the exit to the semi-finals of "Nikolaev" made a real furore not only in the city, but also in the football community.

The reason for this was the general situation of Ukrainian football, which, frankly, is not going through its best times. So, when the problems are even surrounded by the grands, who play in the European Cups, the prospects of the teams of the lower class are evaluated very carefully. Illichivets and Heather are preparing for the Premier League; apparently they are already saying goodbye to the national championships "Dnipro" and "Carpathians", so everything is quite clear.

However, football is also a game of millions, because it can surprise and keep up to the last second. Here and I dismissed all analysts the match "Nikolaev" - "Illitsevets", which led the hosts to the semifinals. The main time never showed stronger, as well as additional, but it became clear that the game will go into a penalty shootout, the fans of "Nikolaev" started as one to hold their fists for Chumak. Chumak helped.

This victory is already the third for Nikolaev in this Cup draw when the team wins in a series of post-match eleven meters, which reminded the fans of the Portuguese national team: with only one clean victory the club has reached the ½ final.

Therefore, the Nikolaev fans continue the holiday: the last time high achievements were in the history of the team in 1969, when even then the Shipbuilder made his way to the semifinals of the USSR Cup. Now is a new story and new victories.

Both the fans and the coaching staff would like Dnipro to compete for the match for the final, but they believe that Mykolaiv will be able to withstand both Dynamo and Shakhtar and show a decent game with any team.

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