FC Dnepr-1 football club in training camp in Turkey held its first control match

             FC Dnepr-1 football club in training camp in Turkey held its first control match

> The rival was Romanian "Harmanstadt", claiming to enter the top division of the championship of their country, and, thus, it was the first international game in the history of the young Dnepr club.

> In the first game "Dnepr-1" played with the following composition: Yurchuk, Brovchenko, Lopyrenok, Loginov, Gomenko, Kravchenko, Kohut, Snizhko, Chugurko, Huchbarov, Spouse, Varzaba, Bilyk, Safronov, Float, Peredisty, Belyaev, Belyaev, Belyaev .
> The match was very productive. The teams started scoring in the middle of the first half. Romanians opened the account, who took advantage of the loss of the Dnieper ball on the flank, conducted a counterattack and implemented a one-on-one exit. However, soon the equilibrium was restored: Vladislav Supryaga, after a quick draw of the penalty, outplayed both the defender and the goalkeeper. But the break went to rivals, however, when the advantage of "Harmanstadt" - the Romanians also effectively used the free kick, organizing a goal combination.
> In the second half goals were also scored not immediately. Dmitry Sula marked a classy pass: from the right edge he passed several opponents and completed the raid with an accurate blow. And five minutes later, Dnepr-1 came forward. This young Ivan Litvinenko successfully played on the selection after the mistake of the defender of the Romanians and struck in the near corner.
> The defeat of "Harmanstadt" succeeded after the corner. In the end, the Dnieper had a chance to come forward again, but Wojciechowski struck from the advantageous position above the goal. The match ended in a draw 3: 3.
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