Tottenham Subway Station to appear in London

             Tottenham Subway Station to appear in London

The 2018 Tottenham football stadium, one of England's oldest and most popular football clubs, will open in the capital of the UK - colorful London. In connection with this, the sports institution wants a large-scale renaming of one of the London Underground stations, which is adjacent to the stadium and thus will be associated with the residents and visitors of the city with the aforementioned Tottenham. It will be renamed White Hart Lake Station.

It is interesting that the authorities of the English city towards the football club still went. But it is not for nothing: such a winning marketing move will cost Tottenham £ 12 million, taking into account all the costs associated with renaming the subway station. And at fifteen the club will manage the future rental of Wembley Stadium. Tottenham's wallet expects such mad losses in two years. It is important to add that the newly renovated Tottenham Stadium is most likely to be named after the generous sponsor who will not spare the money for the reconstruction of the sports facility.

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