Ukraine ranks eighth in the UEFA rankings

             Ukraine ranks eighth in the UEFA rankings

In the top ten of the updated World Ranking of the Union of European Football Associations - or UEFA - now remains our country, ranking eighth. However, despite the triumphant victory of Shakhtar Donetsk over the Belgian Gent, Ukraine's closest competitors by the aforementioned mark - Turkey and Belgium - have stepped up substantially and, by winning small victories on the football field, are slowly moving in the right direction.

It is interesting that the victory of the Donetsk football club over the Belgian (5-0) added only 0.4 points to Ukraine in the total number of points in the UEFA world ranking. It is ahead of our country by as much as five points Portugal - it is now in seventh place. The top five in the list are Spain (Unqualified Leader), Germany, England, Italy and France. It is important to add that Ukraine currently holds 40.2 points.

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