The veterans of the Ukrainian football game honored the memory of Vladimir Yemets

             The veterans of the Ukrainian football game honored the memory of Vladimir Yemets

A memorable match in honor of the legendary Ukrainian footballer and coach Volodymyr Yemets was held at the Meteor stadium in Dnipro.

The match has traditionally been attended by football players who at one time played under the leadership of Vladimir Yemets and defended the colors of Dnipro. Among them were such well-known players as Oleg Taran, Yevgen Yarovenko, Oleksandr Rykun and many others. The memory match of Vladimir Yemets is held in Dnipro or the Dnipropetrovsk region annually, as a coach, in the 1980s he led FC Dnipro from the outsiders to the pinnacle of success in the Soviet championship.

In 1981, with the start of the championship FC "Dnipro" slipped to the last positions of the championship, becoming an outsider. In such a situation, the club management entrusted the team to little-known local coaches Vladimir Yemets and Gennady Zizdik, who actually created a team in neighboring Nikopol. They accomplished the task of retaining the team in the big leagues and, in 1983, unexpectedly won the league title. This year and the following can be called the "golden years" of the Dnieper. In addition, Dnipro was the third prize-winner of the USSR Championships (1984, 1985).
Leaving the post of head coach in 1986, Vladimir Yemets left behind a truly champion team, which over the next three years, under the leadership of no less legendary Dnipro coach Eugene Kucherevsky, won several more trophies. 1987 - 2nd place, 1988 - 1st place, 1989 - 2nd place. In addition, in 1989, the team won the USSR Cup and the Cup of the season.

Volodymyr Yemets died on November 9, 1987 in Chisinau in a football locker room from a heart attack, shortly after the victory of his team "Nistru" over "Kuban" in the last match of the season.

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