Traditional "Christmas starts" to take place in Kiev

             Traditional "Christmas starts" to take place in Kiev

On January 9-10, the XXII All-Ukrainian Athletics Track and Field Competition will be held in the KSCSHWM Athletics Arena (Kyiv, 18, Tychyny St.).
The "Christmas start" traditionally opens the athletics season in Ukraine. His main competitions this year are the European Indoor Championships (3-5 March, Belgrade, Serbia) and the World Championships (4-13 August, London, United Kingdom).
Traditionally participating in the "Christmas start" will take the strongest national track and field athletes - winners and winners of championships in Europe, the world and the Olympic Games! In total, about 330 athletes will test their readiness for the new season during the two days of the Capital School of Excellence.
We invite the spectators to visit the stands and support our athletes, and the media to join the coverage of the competition.
"Christmas Starts 2016" will start on January 9, at 10:00. The grand opening of the competition will be held on the same day at 13:00. On the second day of the tournament, January 10, the first athletes will start at 11:00. You can see the detailed schedule and rules of competitions at this link.

Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine reports

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