The logo of the 2017 Ice Hockey World Championship is presented

             The logo of the 2017 Ice Hockey World Championship is presented

The upcoming sports hockey tournament, which will be hosted by Ukrainian Kiev next year, has got its own bright logo. According to representatives of the Organizing Committee of the Ice Hockey World Championship in Group A, the most important in the development of the aforementioned logo was the combination of the informational component and the purely Ukrainian patriotic color. And, given the fact that the designers used the colors of the national flag of Ukraine, the name of the tournament, and the main symbols of this fascinating sport, they managed to do their best in the creation of the logo of the future Hockey World Cup.

It is important to add that the tournament will take place in the last April days of next year at the Kiev "Palace of Sports". Together with the Ukrainian state, Group A will feature hockey teams from countries such as Austria, Poland, Hungary, Kazakhstan and South Korea. The winners of the competition will receive a pass to the elite hockey division, where they will continue the battle for the title of the best hockey team.

It is interesting that the capital of Ukraine is not the first to take such sports events. In 2011, the hockey World Cup was already held in Kiev, and exactly two years later the center of the tournament was then Ukrainian free Donetsk.

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