Dnieper Bohdan Nikishin, won a silver medal at the Fencing World Cup stage

             Dnieper Bohdan Nikishin, won a silver medal at the Fencing World Cup stage

On January 26, personal competitions were held as part of the Sword Fencing World Cup stage in Heindenheim (Germany). Our countryman, leader of the national team, Bogdan Nikishin, won the silver medal of this prestigious tournament.

Thanks to his high personal rating, Bogdan started competitions for entering 64, where he defeated Swiss Benjamin Steffen (9: 6). Then he passed the Italian Munzone (10: 5) and said Kurbanov (10: 7).

In the ј and нала finals Bogdan defeated the Italians Fikerru (3: 1) and Chimini (15: 8). Our athlete lost only once, in the final fight to the Japanese Kyasaus Minobe (13:15), which is coached by the Ukrainian Alexander Gorbachuk.
It is nice to note that for the fourth time in a row, Bogdan Nikishin rises to the pedestal of honor in Heindenheim, the most massive tournament in the World Cup Stages. This time there were 298 participants!

Four other Ukrainian swordsmen also made it into the main net of the competition: Yuri Taranenko and Ian Sych laid down their weapons in the 1/32 finals, and Maxim Khvorost and Igor Reizlin gave the Italians entry into the top eight.
Bogdan Nikyshyn brought to Dnipro the first personal medal of the new fencing season on swords. He now ranks third in the world rankings for this type of weapon.

Bohdan's trainers Honored trainers of Ukraine Markina Olga Alexandrovna and Komarov Sergey Nikolaevich train.
Alexander Petrovsky International Charitable Foundation "Solidarity" congratulates our athlete and wishes him new victories for the benefit of the Dnieper and Ukraine.
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