Success of the Dnipro athlete at the Fencing World Cup stage

             Success of the Dnipro athlete at the Fencing World Cup stage

On October 28, at the 53rd Tissot Grand Prix Fencing World Cup in Bern, Switzerland, we celebrated Ukrainian Victory Day and the start of the season.

The leader of the national team of Ukraine, the Dnipro leader Bogdan Nikishin, won the silver medal in the ECM personal championship, Vladimir Stankevich (Kharkov) and Igor Reizlin (Kiev) shared the third step of the pedestal of honor.
Nikishin and Reislin immediately started the battle for the awards in the 1/32 finals - Bogdan thanks to the seventh position in the world ranking, and Igor successfully overcame the group round, finishing it with only one defeat. Vladimir also had to work: in the qualifying round, where he first won the track owner Charles-Eric Oswald with a one-shot advantage - 15:14, then dealt with the representative of Mali Keletigu Julen Diabate, ending the fight with the score 15: 7, and in the final qualification was stronger than Frenchman Paul Allegri - 15:12.

In the 1/32 standings Nikishin, won by Alex Fava from France with a score of 12:10, then knocked out of the fight of the Italian swordsman Lorenzo Buzzi - 15:10, at the stage of the 1/8 finals did not experience difficulties with the Swiss Max Heinzer - 15: 9 and in the fight for the exit to the semifinals he took the lead over Russian Sergei Bida - 9: 7.
Three representatives of Ukraine appeared in the semi-finals of the World Cup at once.
Next, Stankiewicz and Rio 2016 Olympic champion Pak San Yen met with each other, Reislin and Nikishin second pair.

In the first match the Korean swordsman who beat Vladimir with a score of 15:11 was stronger, in the Ukrainian derby Bogdan won - 8: 6.
In the final confrontation of competitions Bogdan Nikishin - Pak San Yen the match was first held on equal footing, but already in the second three minutes the Olympic Games champion 2016 managed to rebuild and win over the Ukrainian with a comfortable advantage - 15: 8.

Note that for Nikishin, this silver was the second in his career at the World Cup stages in the personal championship. Bogdan also has three gold medals and two bronze medals.
The representative of the Dnipro Fencing School, Bohdan Nikishin, is being trained.

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