All-Ukrainian Free and Greco-Roman Wrestling Tournament Held in Dnipro.-2018

             All-Ukrainian Free and Greco-Roman Wrestling Tournament Held in Dnipro.-2018

Young people and veterans are back together on the wrestling mat. The All-Ukrainian Free and Greco-Roman Wrestling Tournament was held in the Dnieper. The traditional All-Ukrainian Free and Greco-Roman Wrestling Tournament was held in the Dnieper. The competitions were held at the UDHTU Sports Complex and gathered many supporters of these sports. At the same time, the tournament hosted the competition of the 8th All-Ukrainian tournament of memory of veterans of veterans of Dnepropetrovsk region among young people of 2002-2004 years of birth and Cup of Ukraine among veterans of free and Greco-Roman fight. The organizers of the competition are Alexander Petrovsky International Charitable Foundation "Solidarity" and the sports club "Bear", with the support of the Youth and Sports Administration of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration. Traditionally, the organizers have combined veterans and junior competitions, which turns tournaments into a true festival of sport, experience and youth. Young men compete with the legendary experienced veterans of the sport and, thanks to their own example, are increasingly involved in a professional attitude to their favorite business. Many representatives of the sports community, patrons and patriots of Dnipro, honored coaches of Ukraine, representatives of culture and education attended the opening ceremony. Honorary guests were honored coaches of Ukraine Mykola Makhinko, Mykola Stavrinov, Anatoliy Piroh and other famous coaches and veterans of sport, Deputy Chairman of Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Administration Dmytro Batura, President of IC "Judo-80" Lev Lutsenko Dina Miftakhutdinova. All of them and many other Dnipro representatives came to support this holiday of sports. In the 8th All-Ukrainian tournament of memory of veterans - veterans of Dnipropetrovsk region among young men 2002-2004 participated 120 young athletes from 15 regions of Ukraine, who won the title of the best in their weight and age categories. As a result, the first overall command place was won by the team of Dnipropetrovsk region. Silver awards in the team of Kharkiv region, in the third place representatives of the team of Donetsk region. Among the winners - the Dnieper is David Mchedlidze (Master of Sports and three-time Champion of Ukraine), who won the gold medal in the 110 kg weight category. And also the winner of the 68 kg category - Eugene Thomas. 80 representatives of 12 regions of our country competed in the veterans in the Cup of Ukraine. They were divided into divisions by weight and age categories. Division A (35-40 years old). Division B (41-45 years old), Division C (46-50 years old), Division D (51-55 years old). Division E (56-60 years old), Division F (61-65 years old), Division G (66-70+ years old). The oldest participant of the competition Vasyl Vovchuk from the Dnieper at the time of participation in the Cup of Ukraine - 75 years. Veterans in the weight categories of 62,70,78,88,100 and 130 kg competed. As a result, veterans of the national team of Dnepropetrovsk region won in the team event. They won 33 medals (18 gold and 15 silver). In the second place athletes of Poltava region, bronze awards in the team of Odessa region. Thanks to the organizers of the competition - the International Charitable Foundation of Alexander Petrovsky Solidarity and the club of sports wrestling “Bear, no awards and gifts were left for anyone. The winners received diplomas, medals, cups and pleasant memories from the warm reception and communication.

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