All-Ukrainian Men's Greco-Roman Wrestling Tournament Ends in Kiev

             All-Ukrainian Men's Greco-Roman Wrestling Tournament Ends in Kiev

More than a hundred experienced and talented athletes from all regions of Ukraine have brought together, under one roof, a large-scale All-Ukrainian Men's Greco-Roman Wrestling Tournament, which recently ended in Kiev. Dedicated to the sporting event in memory of Leonid Gayriyan - Honored Ukrainian Sports Coach.

One of the most prestigious places of the Tournament was won by the teacher of Ternopil Youth Sports School Volodymyr Luchanko, who lost to the finale of the legendary Jean Belenyuk - World Champion, Honored Master of Sports and silver medalist of this year's Olympics.

Nasrullah Nasibov (Mariupol) and Vasyl Symonenko (Kyiv region), who competed in the weight category up to 59 kilograms, Roman Patsurkivsky (Zaporizhzhya) and Oleksandr Derkach (Rivne), up to 66 kilograms, also became the best fighters of the sport event. - up to 71 kilograms, Yaroslav Filchakov (Kharkiv) and Mikhail Syatynia (Kiev) - up to 75 kilograms, Ruslan Oleksenko (Kyiv region) - up to 80 kilograms, Stanislav Chrevatiy (Kiev) - up to 85 kilograms, Ivan Obrizanov (Kiev) - up to 98 kilograms and Anton Olenev (Kiev) - up to 130 kilograms. Each of these athletes has won an honorary medal and a memorable gift.

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