Lviv Borshchina win the Championship in Brovary

             Lviv Borshchina win the Championship in Brovary

While the All-Ukrainian Men's Greco-Roman Wrestling Tournament was coming to an end in Kiev, the spectacular Ukrainian Wrestling Championship started in Brovary. Both boys and girls take part in it, and the age of participants of the sporting event should not exceed 15 years.

The Championship started with bright girls' matches, which set an energetic tone for all competitions. The strongest in the result of the first confrontation were the young Lviv fighters. Ninth-grader Maria Tomyshch, performing in the weight category up to 37 kilograms, became the champion of our country, beating Donetsk athlete Anastasia Zadvorna.

Eighth-grader Daniela Tkachuk (weight category - up to 44 kg) also did not concede to her opponent - Zhytomyr woman Irina Doroshenko. Kateryna Zeleny, a 10-year-old student, who defeated Donetsk athlete Lolita Voloshin, triumphed in the Championship. The first day of the competition ended with another victory for Lviv wrestler - 10th grader Mariana Kozak, who defeated her countrywoman Kateryna Putiy.

“Silver” and “bronze” were won at the same time by four Lviv citizens - Maria Vinnyk and Oleksandra Khomenets and Solomiya Vinnyk and Darina Matsola.

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