Homosexual Boxer May Receive World Title

             Homosexual Boxer May Receive World Title

The 35-year-old Puerto Rican boxing pro Orlando Cruz, a participant in the 2000 Olympic Games, who has been knocked out only four times in his almost 16-year career, has every chance of becoming the WBO Lightweight Champion. Moreover, the above title can be won for the first time in the history of boxing by a homosexual athlete.

He made his Orlando outing four years ago, openly admitting to the world in his sexual orientation and stating that, despite all the professional risks after his outing, he always considered himself a "proud Puerto Rican and proud gay man." In addition, the boxer's decision to open his sexuality was supported by the Orlando family and his training staff.
Mr Cruz's contender must be 27-year-old British Terry Flanagan, who is currently the reigning WBO World Champion and has won exactly 31 fights since 2009, each of them winning. The battle of Puerto Rican and British boxers is expected on November 26 this year in Cardiff English.
It is important to note that if Orlando Cruz wins, the athlete will become the first open-ended gay boxer to win a title in the sport.

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