Possible deprivation of Tyson Fury his championship

             Possible deprivation of Tyson Fury his championship

Open confessions of alcohol and cocaine abuse, mood swings, depression, suicidal thoughts, and regular visits to a psychotherapist. All this is an integral part of today's life of the British champion Tyson Fury, who at the beginning of this autumn boasted his own titles and ability to beat any rival. However, it was not fated, as the boxing organization «WBO» gave the athlete a ten-day term to explain the reasons for another postponement of the long-awaited rematch with the Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko.

From the perspective of The Times, the boxer will give up the WBO title as he will indirectly demonstrate to the sports world his own invincibility and principle. But whether someone then boxing with a scandalist who has serious psychological problems and a penchant for a variety of addictions is a big question that can be solved by the same big money for a duel with Tyson. But is it worth such an astronomical fee while the boxing world is filled with dozens of other, much calmer and equally talented Brits, athletes?
It is now known that WBO seriously plans to deprive Fury of his championship title, unless the latter states the reason for transferring his duel with Vladimir Klitschko.

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