Vladimir Klitschko has found a new contender for himself

             Vladimir Klitschko has found a new contender for himself

While the battle with the depressed Briton Tyson Fury is once again on the verge of collapse, Ukrainian boxer Volodymyr Klitschko is ready to box even with unexpected changes. His next contender in the event of the cancellation of the planned rematch on October 29 this year may be a brutal Australian Lucas Brown nicknamed "Big Daddy", who looks like Tyson Fury with his own scandalous antics, this year's doping scandal, and a tough-to-win status. If the match with the British is postponed again, the Ukrainian will enter the ring on December 10 in Hamburg, the sports arena of which Vladimir has already reserved in case of failure of the October rematch.

Interestingly, in March, 37-year-old Lucas Brown won the WBA Regular Champion title, and was accused of doping within two months, as the body's substance testing yielded positive results. Brown himself strongly disagrees.
It is important to add that Peter Fury - the native uncle and athletic trainer of the infamous Tyson - declared that "he will not release his nephew into the ring until his psychological state is normalized." These words have already caused a wave of outrage not only for supporters of Vladimir Klitschko, but also for fans of the British himself, as more and more people, after the paradoxical outburst of 28-year-old Tyson, are inclined to believe that the fight will be artificially delayed and, as a result, about the simulation of depression F junior.

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