Basketball players will honor defenders of Ukraine

             Basketball players will honor defenders of Ukraine

From now on the national anthem of the Ukrainian state can be heard before the start of basketball games. The desire to introduce such a respectful tradition was expressed by the Basketball Federation of Ukraine, focusing the attention of the general public on the fact that honoring those patriots who are currently in the hottest spots of our country will become a significant support for their daily deeds.

According to the representatives of the FBU, not only fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also those representatives of the civilian population who, unfortunately, are currently in the heart of the military conflict between our state and the Russian Federation, but in spite of this, should not support fierce struggle for Ukraine's hated independence and sovereignty.
Representatives of the Federation added that they have already appealed to every player and coach of our country with the call to start their basketball matches with the Anthem of Ukraine and to this simple but understandable millions of citizens, a gesture to show unity and solidarity with all Ukrainian patriots and at the same time - condolences and sympathy for all a time of bloody Russian attacks.

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