Dnepr Basketball Players Outplay Kiev Budivelnik.

             Dnepr Basketball Players Outplay Kiev Budivelnik.

BC Budivelnyk - BC Dnipro 74:81 (25:15, 19:15, 14:28, 16:23)

On Thursday, Dnipro lost to the Cherkasy Monkeys for the first time in almost three months without showing their game. The Dnieper is clearly not in the best physical condition. And limited rotation does not allow leaders to rest. Dnipro simply lacks people in the tournament distance and the match in Cherkasy showed this too clearly.
The twists and turns
The first half of the match only confirmed fears that the Dnieper is clearly not in its best shape. Dugat and Ko very much afforded half the court of our team and the Dnieper was extremely difficult to find the right to lead the Budivelnik and adequately respond to the attack. The first two quarters of Zhuravlev's wards suffered more than they played. The 16-point advantage of the capital on this game looked quite logical.
Everything changed after a long break. Timofeyenko finally switched to god mode and began pushing the protection of Budivelnik over and over again. The team protection of the Dnieper has started, light points have appeared. Dugat finally forgot the way to the guest ring. The third quarter of our guys had enough to play a gap of 14 points and in the final ten minutes of the team entered with an equal score.

The fourth quarter gave us classic swings. The leader changed after almost every attack. 1:17 before the end of the match after penalties Otverchenko Budivelnik led 74:73. For the remaining time, the Dnieper did not allow the opponent to score a single point, and he scored eight at once, snatching victory in an extremely important match.
The main character
Here without questions. Timofeyenko showed who is by far the strongest forward in the championship. 35 points is the season record for Stas. But more than impressed was the number of points, but their importance. Timofeyenko scored exactly when the team needed blood from his nose.
The main character is 2
I would like to mention Anatoly Shundel. Not so often he issues a game with 10+ points, but today just the case and all his hits were quite by the way.
3. So many Dnepr players (Timofeyenko, Mishula and Glebov) played 30+ minutes in today's match. For the first time this season, so many players spend so much time on the floor. This is a question about the width of the rotation of our team.
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