Formula 1 will launch online broadcasts on the Internet

             Formula 1 will launch online broadcasts on the Internet

The new Royal Race management plans to complete the introduction of streams that will allow larger audiences to access Grand Prix broadcasts.

The F-1 is ready to respond to the trend of refusing pay-TV audiences - many prefer to sign up for online racing.

The first attempt to stream was made at the Singapore Grand Prix last season. Royal racing does not make any profit from existing online broadcasts, so former head of the Bernie Ecclestone series opposed such experiments and preferred to sell the product only through television.

However, the new owners of F-1 in the face of Liberty Media are ready to give the audience the opportunity to watch the race on the Internet in the future, reports

The main problem in this matter was the delay of broadcasting - on the Internet events of the race are always a few minutes behind the picture on television. However, now the F-1 has the technology that will correct the situation.

The manager of F-1 partner company Tata Communications Mehul Kapadia said in an Autosport comment that the fast transition of Formula-1 to the Internet should not be expected, as there are valid contracts with the TV giants that do not allow it.

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