Lewis Hamilton returns to Formula 1 pedestal

             Lewis Hamilton returns to Formula 1 pedestal

Despite the fact that at the start of the Formula 1 Grand Prix qualifying rounds in Japan, legendary British Mercedes pilot Lewis Hamilton was only in third place, almost giving way to German racing driver Nico Roshrang, his own title of "race king". In the USA and at the start of an identical series of competitions that began in Mexico, Lewis still pulled out of his rival, thus reducing the gap from Nico to 26 points from 33 points. And now, while the 31st-year-old Rosberg is still the leader of the top racers, Mr. Hamilton has moved from third to second to continue this year's fierce battle with new forces.

The American Formula 1 Grand Prix stage was held in Austin, Texas. And it was there that the British defeated the German, making him only the second in the United States. Third on the podium was 27-year-old Australian Daniel Riccardo, who currently has 227 points.
Interestingly, the victory of Lewis in Austin was already the fiftieth for the rider. He was the first to drive all 56 laps, and this year's Grand Prix events in the United States generally broke the attendance record, which has remained since 2012. It is worth noting that more than a quarter of a million spectators visited the famous Formula 1 racetrack this year.
The British became the best in the beginning of the 19th stage in Mexico. It is important to note that there are two more races to go before the Formula 1 Championship is over - competitions in Brazil on November 13 and in the United Arab Emirates on November 27.

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