Ratings of the best and worst cars

             Ratings of the best and worst cars

Consumer Reports, a US consumer protection organization, has ranked the safest and most dangerous cars on international markets this year. The first rating includes two Toyota and three Lexus versions at once, and the new Tesla, Jeep and two Ford are second.

So, the best new cars in 2016 experts recognized such models as "Toyota Prius" (for economy and a new quieter engine), "Lexus CT 200h" (for improved interior design), "Infiniti Q70" (for excellent car management and interior space ), The Audi Q3 (for comfort even at high speeds), the Lexus GX (for excellent noise insulation and comfortable suspension), the Lexus GS (for a balanced chassis and fuel economy), the Mercedes-Benz GLC ( for air suspension and emergency braking), Chevrolet Cruze (for innovative safety), Audi Q7 (for design and comfort) and Toyota 4Runner (for power and reliability).

The worst in the list are the "Fiat 500L" (for transmission problems), "Ford Fiesta" (for low-quality electronic equipment), just two "Chevrolet" - "Tahoe" and "GMC Yukon" - but for equally poor control, "Ram 2500 »(For frequent breakdowns of the all-wheel drive system),« Tesla Model X »(for weak electric drive),« Chrysler 200 »(for a tight interior), two more« Chevrolet »-« Suburban »and« GMC Yukon XL »- for problems with shifting gears, Jeep Renegade (for often faulty brakes and electronics), Ford Focus (for vibrating transmission) and Cadillac Escalade (for poor quality gearbox).

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