The British made the car at supersonic speed

             The British made the car at supersonic speed

1609 miles per hour - this is the fantastic speed figure that British designers have designed and built for the innovative Bloodhound SSC. It is worth noting that the test of the supercar has been conducted since last year, but now in the UK they say that they are ready for the maximum dispersal of their offspring.

The first Bloodhound modification, Thrust SSC, set a speed record of nearly 1,228 miles per hour in 1997. This figure is still one of a kind among those that have managed to overcome the sound barrier.
After 10 years, a team of British enthusiasts who collaborated on Thrust SSC made an ambitious statement about their intention to break the record above. This is how the Bloodhound project was born, which is being tested by developers on one of Africa's grand and wide plateaus.
Interestingly, all the developers' information about the speed limit of their car is based solely on computer data. Therefore, they cannot know how Bloodhound will behave during a test race. Because of this, scientists have made a rather unusual decision: they will accelerate the supercar gradually over ... two years. And the data received after each arrival will be recorded and compared with the previous information. In this way, the British will strive to maximize the protection of their unique design against any external surprises by overcoming the supersonic barrier.

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