Red Bull and Aston Martin are preparing their joint hypercar

             Red Bull and Aston Martin are preparing their joint hypercar

AM-RB 001 is the name of the classified hypercar project, created jointly by Aston Martin and Red Bull. Moreover, a project of this magnitude, the above-mentioned creators of the future hypercar initiated and started together for the first time.

Of course, every new car with a future hyper-prefix is aimed solely at catching up with and overtaking the legendary Veyron, the last to date a representative of the super-fast Bugatti family, whose speed, depending on the modification version, is 407-415 kilometers hour. Whether the new AM-RB 001 can break this impressive record is unknown at this time, as the car can accelerate to an incredible 320 kilometers per hour in just ten seconds. However, whether this figure is the speed limit of the joint brainchild of "Red Bull" and "Aston Martin" is still a mystery. In addition, the team of project engineers continues to artfully intrigue the car audience, emphasizing that the suspension of their hypercar, as well as the power system, has become even more refined, and the smoothness of the car body design will reduce the air resistance of the hypercar during acceleration, which will allow faster.

Interestingly, the value of the novelty is still kept secret. But the number of newly created hypercars is already upsetting potential buyers, as only 175 units will come off the assembly line, of which 150 will be able to travel on public roads and 25 will be focused solely on the race track.

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